Stories to be remembered

Stories to be remembered

by Animagic

A homage to one of humanity's most powerful tools. Our stories. This film is a statement of who we are, what we do, and the essence of our creative style. After all, we help others tell stories to be remembered.

A story of our humanity.

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Behind the magic

Stories to be remembered

Concept & Narrative

The project was an ambitious goal from a narrative, technical and style perspective. It's a condensation of humanity's story into a 2 min piece.

Therefore, the concept became very evocative and poetic to hit the story's main notes and let the viewer's imagination fly. It produced a piece that communicates much more than what you see and hear on screen.

Stories to be remembered

Design & Visual Style

Given the story's complexity, we wanted to create a style that simplifies the visual message while still capturing the complex and evocative moments in the film. Finding the right balance was the main challenge.

The result was an abstract and elegant design combined with vibrant colors and cinematic appeal that brought out the emotion throughout the entire film.

Stories to be remembered
Stories to be remembered

Characters & Animation

The Soul of the Story.

Characters are connectors with the viewer and the emotional bond with the story. Making them come to life was a critical task and challenge. We use a combination of 2D and 3D techniques to ensure each character and environment had the proper movement on screen to pull the audience into the story in every shot.

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Crafted by Animagic

by Animagic
Creative Direction

David Calderón


Francisco Jimenez

Written by

David Calderón

Animation Direction

Jordi Ayguasenosa

Art Direction

Alfredo Barajas

Art Department

Alfredo Barajas, Flor Lopez, Fernanda Acosta

2D Animation

Jordi Ayguasenosa, Moncho Massé, Thiago Feitosa, Javier Ibañez, Ignacio Osorio

3D Animation

Josep Ayguasenosa, David Calderon, Jose Castillo

Compositing & VFX

David Calderon

Music & Sound Design

Ambrose Yu

Voice Over

Dave Petit, Russell Bin


Edith BMedel, Alfredo Barajas

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