Mojo ID

Mojo ID


What happens when you combine the blockchain with the world of emojis? The answer can be found in this fun piece we created for the Oficial Launch of MojoID.

Visual Development

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Behind the magic

Mojo ID

A match made in heaven

Given the nature of the product, it made sense to combine two styles to represent the sophisticated technology with the fun and playfulness of emojis to represent these two opposite worlds.

Mojo ID
2D & 3D Mix

Mixing these two mediums is not an easy task, but it was a fun challenge. First, our 3D department created the base layout scene that our 2D animators used to match timing and perspective. The scene goes back to 3D to polish and match the 2D character interactions. An iterative process to make sure everything blends properly.

Mojo ID
Mojo ID
Putting it together

Once the animation was complete, our Comp Team blends it all in AE using the 3D camera and position nulls information from our 3D scene. To top it off, we add all secondary 2D animations directly in AE, like the Screen UI on this scene. It works like magic!

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Crafted by Animagic

Creative Direction

David Calderón


Francisco Jimenez

Animation Direction

Jordi Ayguasenosa

Art Direction

Alfredo Barajas

Illustration & Design

Flor Lopez, Fernanda Acosta

2D Animation

Jordi Ayguasenosa, Moncho Massé, Thiago Feitosa, Javier Ibañez

3D Animation

Josep Ayguasenosa, David Calderon, Jordi Ayguasenosa

Comp & VFX

David Calderon

Sound Design

Juan Carlos Aguirre

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