I am more

I am more


It is never a bad idea to create something out of love. This emotional piece of self-love and compassion is one of our favorite projects up to date. It's a perfect example of the type of work, craft, and messages we aim to create as a team.

Visual Development

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Behind the magic

I am more

Concept & Narrative

We all have that inner voice. Some days, the voice is gentle and friendly, while others, it is cruel and nasty. The concept and narrative of this short film take us on an inward journey to confront our fears and insecurities and understand that they are just a tiny part of who we really are.

I am more

Capturing emotions

The animation process was a crucial element to capture the emotions we wanted to communicate. Using frame-by-frame animation gave us the level of detail and artistic craft we needed to capture the film's emotion. Despite the short length of the piece, this beautiful animation creates an emotional bond with the viewer that makes it so special.

I am more
I am more

More than just a film

I am more represents more than just a film for our team.
It is a love letter to our craft and a blueprint for the type of work and messages we would like to create. This short film will always have a special place in our hearts.

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Crafted by Animagic

Creative Direction

David Calderón

Art Direction

Alfredo Barajas

Animation Direction

Jordi Ayguasenosa

Mograph & Compositing

Ignacio Osorio


Tim Morrish

Sound Design

White Noise Lab

Voice Over

Brittney Audrey

Script & Story

David Calderon

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